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[translation] Are you Alice? - 君が捲る世界 ~Prologue~


--------------my name is ……what?
Someone’s hand is turning the pages.
Flipping, flipping; slowly, quietly.
As the pages turn the world glides from 『color 』 to another.
From black to white, white to black--------.

What can be heard is the sound of someone turning the pages of a book.
What eyes can see is ……nothing.
That is because I haven’t yet opened my eyes. For I am not quite sure how to open them.*

『What is it that you wish for?』

From beyond the sound of turning pages someone quietly voices the question.

In the middle of deep deep darkness, he slowly falls.
No……, walks very slowly.
Neither cold nor hot wind runs without making a sound.
He opens his eyes. Although just a moment ago he did not know the way to open them.
What those eyes saw …… was night. A night without moon. A night without rain.
Yet, within that darkness, only he walked, alone.

The sound of turning pages disappears.
The sounds of the leaves and branches of grove of mixed trees can be heard, night wind’s blow moving them.

『Where do you wish to go? Where to go, what to do?』

Formless someone looks at the person, patiently-----------
Sensing it, he stops his feet.
Within the field of sight stands a weird, crazy sign.

Another 7 kiloliters to Wonderland

A sign of odd colors with odd choice of motifs, all a jumble.
A black heart and a pure white rabbit, text written in grey, a cat-shaped mirror and a silk hat of deep red.
His figure, reflected in the cat-shaped mirror, came to his eyes.
Crisply dressed in a suit of the white of quality paper. Shirt of deep blue like that of skies. Necktie black like Indian ink.
Color of hair, golden of the summer sun.
Color of eyes, somehow nostalgic bright blue.
Standing alone, he murmured.

『Now, come.』

⎾……lame sign.⏌
Using bad language, he tears his gaze off the cat mirror.

And then, begins to walk again.
Continuing to 『Wonderland』 along a winding road.

-------say, if it’s 『this place**』, could it be here. The thing……I’m looking for.

*At times the text really changes into the first person and back *__*;
**written as 『Wonderland』